Job Seeker

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Save time. Find your next job.

Job Seeker connects a jobseeker to Recruiters & Consultancies. It works on a transparent and simple referral model. Job Seeker publishes your profile and Resume on the Featured Profiles section. This section can be accessed by all recruiters and consultants coming to Jobinmnc searching for active and relevant job seeking candidates.

In addition, we also email your profile and resume to relevant consultants & Recruiters. Once the consultant's requirements are found relevant to your profile, your resume is emailed to these consultants within 48 hours of service activation. This relevance is the based on your Functional Area, Location, and Work experience that you specify at the time of placing your order. Jobinmnc's Jobs Finder Service has been helping professionals connect with employers and recruiters for more than 10 years. Now it's your turn!

Job Seeker lets you:

  • Send your resume to a dedicated list of Consultants and recruiters
  • Search and Apply to Jobs on Jobinmnc.com
  • Reach out to a huge number of consultants in India.
  • Internal References increase your chances of getting hired by 10 times.
  • Stay updated on all current and relevant job openings! Our experienced staff personally updates you on all new jobs out in the market.
  • Customize your email to deliver just the right message for you.
  • Send your resume confidentially to ensure a secure job search experienc.

How this service works

Job Seeker sends your profile to the top relevant consultants that who are looking for people with your similar Functional Area, Location, and Work experience. Once the consultant's requirements are matched to your profile, your Profile is emailed to these consultants within 7 to 15 Days of service activation.

Note - Services Validity 1 Year.